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Cleans And Then...


Hey guys,

I'm going to be adding snatches and another exercise into my routinue for some more variety.

Would you recommend the clean/jerk, clean/press, or clean/push press if overall strength is the primary goal?

Or maybe a good option is cycling the lifts, like two weeks of jerks followed by two weeks of press, etc.

Would this be a good idea to train for explosive strength as well as grinding strength?


Try front squat immediate push press.
Blast the push press right out of the hole. Talk about explosion!



Cycle them around is the short answer. Are you training for sport or just for fun/health/strength?



Currently I'm training for muay thai, but still love to train for overall strength. I basically do low reps, low sets, but higher frequency workouts revolving the core lifts. I'm trying not to tax my legs too much during lifting (besides some squats and deads).


Oh, okay. In that case I'd stick with the more explosive versions most of the time (at least 2/3, up to 3/4 of the time, depending on whether or not speed is a weakness for you) and use push presses/strict presses the other portion.

Kick some ass



Cool, thanks for the advice.