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Cleans And Snatch


I'm a rookie here and thanks for bearing with me.

I was thinking about adding power cleans to my leg deadlift day are these
appropraite exercises with deads and squats.

routine wave loading
front squats
straight leg deads
rack pulls

thanks again
jack thanks for the advice on wave loading.


You're going to do all of that on one training day with the 6/3/6/3/6/3 set/rep parameters?

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! LOL!


if you do that with any intensity you will not be doing it with any intensity

if that makes sense.


That does seem like a little much. I've
been doing the squats,deads, front squats, and straight legs for a couple of months now. with shrugs and rotater cuff work in place of the cleans and rack pulls.


I'd break that up into two workouts and construct it more along these lines:

Day 1 (say, Monday):
Front Squats
Rack pulls

Day 2 (say, Thursday):
Back squats

This is just an example. There are many ways to break it up. And if wanting do do 6/3 for all exercises, this would be a better way to go...but still tough.


Thanks nate for the advice


Are you kidding? Deads, Snatch, and back Squats in the same day? That's crazy talk.

Personally, for any given day, I always setup my toughest lifts first, and all others are secondary.

Primary lifts

Back squats
Clean and Jerks
and maybe heavy flat bench

Secondary lifts
----anything else----

I have done 10X3 snatch and called it a day when I did the 10th set. I couldn't imagine doing squats after.

Keep the intensity up, have a great workout and get out of there in UNDER 50minutes.


agree in principle with the other guys. here's a few more ideas:

front squats
straight leg deads
rack pulls

(1) ixnaye the straight leg deads and the rack pulls, or ixnaye the SLDs and the deads - too much overlap
(2) look at the lifts in as many ways as possible. olympic lifts? standard lifts? hip dominant? quad dominant? load used? etc.
you see this: cleans and snatches are whole body explosive lifts that will use lighter loads than the other lifts
squats and deads are hip dominant lifts with heavy loads
front squats are the odd man out as a moderate load quad dominant exercise.

what to do?

start each lifting day with either cleans or snatches
the second lift should be your money exercise for the day, either squats or deads
go home



(meant to add this above)


1st lift: clean or snatch
2nd lift: deadlift or front squat



Im going to drop straight leg deads and
deads. and concentrate on building whole body power.

just a fat bastard working!


When I was training for Olympic lifting, we did something very similar to that. Normally, one day would start with cleans (power or hang), then clean pulls and front squats. Finish with accessory work. On the other day, it was snatches (hang or power), snatch pulls and back squats. Deadlifts were done instead of doing pulls, or on other days (along with jerks, bench, rows).

Olympic lifts should be done first in your training. Thus, your order wouldn't be the best idea if doing the above. And trying to do all of the above in one workout would be way too much! Or are you saying to pick one of those primary lifts for each workout? Or maybe two of them? Not sure if I follow you.


Yeah, just pick one or two as primary, but let your back get some rest between back workouts. This allows me to lift really heavy on backsquats OR deadlifts/snatches, but never in the same session.

These 3 moves are the money shots.


I was planning doing these in a circut fashion. because im a weak sissy boy at this time. Learn proper technique
before pushing Heavy. so if im understanding you all right it should look more like.

monday cleans 10 sets 6/3 format
rack pulls 10 sets 6/3
accessory excercises

thurs squats 10 sets 6/3
front squats 10 sets 6/3

thanks for your help T-Nation is da bomb


I like this breakdown. It seems critical that for doing all of these lifts the fast one has to come first and go closest to 100%. Then say add a set amount but not to a maximal effort for each of the other two.

In other words, if your goal is to improve your olympic lifts this sounds good.


It depends on your goal and your training experience.

If you wanna compete...snatch, c&j, front squat are the staple, add in rack jerks, clean DL and snatch pull for gravy.

For general physique improvement purposes...I don't recomend doing ful versions of the OLifts. Power Cleans & Push Press and Power Snatch gets the job done faster and easier.

Forget about leg day, deadlift day, whatever day...Olifts always go first in training, regardless of what goes later.