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Cleans and Presses for Cardio ?


hello my testosterone buddies,
So I've recently started this clean and press routine for cardio,
the thing is , I use weights that are almost 80% of what I use for behind the neck BB presses for 5-8 reps for as much required sets.

So any commentary on this ?
To any body's knowledge is this effective and does it count as Hight intensity interval training ?
Any help is much appreciated,


It does count as cardio if you can do it for high reps. The thing is, form is very inportant especially when you're doing the clean and press. Most people's form tend to drop rapidly when doing clean and press for high reps and cardio style. Maybe you can try it as part of a complex or metabolic blaster?


first of all, taufiq, أنت عربي؟second, what the hell is a metabolic blaster ?

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Check page three of this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/peary_raders_oldschool_training&cr=

Or you can do a lot of set (15-20) of 4-5 reps, with short rest period.

If you want more variety on your training: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/rebuild_yourself_with_complexes&cr=

By the way, I think C&P are great for fat loss (I reduce them when bulking), just don't go too high-reps.


I was actually doing them a few weeks ago.

95-105lbs, hang clean into a full squat up to a press...5x10 in a 'beat the clock' fashion.

I think I did it in 10-12 minutes by the last few times. I only really worried for my wrists/forearms.


Of course it does.

Does it bring your heart rate to a new max after a short period of time (say 20-30 seconds)? If so, it's HIIT.

It just cracks me up that "HIIT" is only HIIT if it's done on a bike or sprint. That's completely silly and totally ignorant.

Somehow "complexes" are some strange animal that people don't call "HIIT." That just illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of "HIIT."

"Intensity," for purposes of HIIT is measured relative to your max heart rate (MHR).

Intervals mean just that - intervals.

So you're doing "HIIT" when you are doing intervals at or near MHR.

Which is why wankers who claim they do HIIT three times a week while training heavy are full of shit. I guarantee those guys aren't bringing their HRs to 180+ for several consecutive intervals.


Why not just do regular HIIT on an elliptical or some shit?...


Thanks guys, one more thing, does anyone recomend doing this everyday ?, I can take the punch but I dunno if it will be too much ?

Artem, I just don't get the high heart rate burn on the eliptical, also i hate the eliptical it hurts my knees for some reason :S, this seems much better for strengthening the cardiac muslce, also it looks and feels badass :wink:


If it works for you, go for it. I just can't imagine it being good for the joints in the long run, and it could interfere with recovery. Would you run after training legs?


Yeah, it's much more fun to do "iron cardio" (try to google it, I can't remember the website that shows how to use dumbbells and barbells for cardio) and it's quite convenient because you cand o them at home as well.

Try to vary your cardio as relying on just one type of exercise might lead to pattern overload. Another cardio that I like to do at home is Tabata style bodyweight squats. Basically do as much bodyweight squats as you can in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then repeat 8-10 times for a total of 4-5 minutes. Increase as necessary.


Performing olympic lifts for multiple reps even at very low loads could potentiate injury. Form will begin to slip as fatigue sets in. One of my buddies tweaked his supraspinatus while trying to complete his 15th rep of hang cleans.

Just use caution.