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Cleanliness is next to Godliness


You know, I've been giving this a lot of thought and I've determined that no one is more pathetic than those guys that deface public restrooms. I love the idea that somehow this makes them badasses. Listen, anyone can stroll into a men's room with a Sharpie in their pocket, lock the door, and then go to work. This isn't high stakes safe cracking. I'll tell you who the badasses are. They're the guys who are spray painting walls under highway overpasses in the middle of the night. Yup, out in the elements. True warriors. They have to worry about cops and hobos. What about you? The maintenance man?

It also doesn't say much for our bathroom boys that their target audience is a group of men who have the urge to defecate; people so unabashed that they'll take a shit anywhere. Your office is their outhouse. Yes, your work is shit. Furthermore, our friends' "art" isn't even legible. I don't think anyone can understand this stuff. What are you guys saying? It reminds me of when you ask a five year-old to draw a picture of his house or something. The end result is this garbled mess of lines, rectangles, and shit. It goes up on the refrigerator and draws snickers from the plumber, who can't unclog the sink because he's too busy laughing at the kid's horrible drawing. Yeah, it's kind of like that.

So, congratulations, losers. You've done well for yourselves. But, beware, for one of these days, someone (probably a guy that likes a clean bathroom) is going to find you and stick that Sharpie straight up your ass.

Let's tear down walls, not write on them.


For a good time call CMC.


CGB that was hilarious!! I laughed for 5 minutes.


heh, I was just thinking to myself today when I was using the crapper at work. The wall is real close to your face and I was going to write in real small letters "if you read this, you are pooping." hehe...


There was a real small one-liner written at the bottom of a stall door at my university. I craned down to read it and it said, "You are now shitting at a 45 degree angle." I found it pretty hilarious.


I've been upstaged by a one-liner. Damn you, CGB!


Graffiti is one thing. Pissing on the fucking seats is another. That drives me nuts. Asswipes. Or people that don't flush etc. I'm sorry CMC but some of the graffiti out there is hilarious. This isn't funny but some of my handywork includes a nude pencil outline of a chics body and boobs I did in my college wash room. Funny thing is I went back there like a 2 years later and it was still there. I should go check it out soon just too see. Hehheh. Needless to say I'm something of an artist so it was actually done pretty good. Heheh. :wink: