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Cleaning Up My Diet For Good



I'm currently about 20-25% BF and have a little plan on going down to 12-15% and staying around there permanently. My doc friend has scared me with his "a big waist will get you into a early grave" talk.. :stuck_out_tongue:


M?ltid 1: 50g bacon, 4 eggs, 2 slices of bread (40.7g protein, 40g fat, 41.5g karb 685kcal)

M?ltid 2: 200g tuna 200g paustasauce, 50g pasta (58.3g protein, 4.35g fat, 50.0g karb, 487kcal total)

M?ltid 3: 250g minced meat, 50g onion, 50g tomatoe, 50g sour cream (58.55g protein, 12.5g fat, 32.5g karb, 474kcal total)

M?ltid 4: 100g ham, 4 eggs. 100g carrot 50g brown beans (59.4g protein, 26.55g fat, 31.5g karb 603kcal total)

M?ltid 5: 240g hamburger, 50g mais, 40g salad, 50g peanuts (49.48g protein, 68.4g fat, 21.49g karb 870kcal)

M?ltid 6: Shake (48g protein, 2.4g fat, 2.4g karb 220kcal totalt)

3339 kcal
Protein: 314g
Fett: 155g
Karb: 180g

What do you guys think about this? it is a bit low, but I have a frightenly slow metabolism, and I'm planning on going slow, but steady down to about 12-15% and stay there. Maybe bulk up to 16-18%, but preferably stay at 15% and increase lbm/strength from there.

any thoughts?