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cleaning leather jacket

I somehow managed to get what looks like silver paint on the sleeve of my leather coat. Anyone know how I can go about getting it off w/out ruining the leather? I can’t believe I managed to have this coat for almost 3 years now w/ out ruining it in some way and I hope it doesn’t have to end now. Thanks for any replies.

Oil or latex paint?

Take to it a professional cleaner, one who specializes in leather garments. Do not take to your everyday drycleaner who says he “cleans leather”.

I’m not sure, I would guess latex. How do you figure out what kind it is?

Well, if it is latex you can use a product calles goof-off to carefully remove it. Try a little goof-off in a spot inside the jacket that does not show and see what it does to the leather.
By all means take it to a leather specialist first.
While at the leather specialist get some saddle soap and some mink oil. Then specialist can tell you how to care for the leather using these. I have boots and several leather jackets, one I bought in college in the early seventies that still look really good. Best of Luck.