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Cleaning jeans

That message was… well…
none of my business…

To correct the part of the last statement that I will touch, high end brands do go on sale with a fair amount of frequency-- and I don’t mean 5 year old stuff. Stores like Saks have fairly frequent in season sales (a couple a quarter) in which most much everything in all sizes go on sale for fairly substantial % discounts. Boutique style stoors will not have as many of these as they will tend to ship their excess goods to outlets and after the season at that. The larger stores discount stuff in season though in hopes of drawing in customers who will make spillover purchases on broader categories of goods. If you really want to buy designer clothes cheap though, and you don’t want to go to saks, nm, etc. there are two ways to go about it. One is to go to another country (or more likely, happen to BE in another country) with a really weak currency, the other is to buy goods smuggled off the assembly line in italy by employees who make more than you do off their paychecks alone… but that would be wrong, don’t do that.

Me? I’ll stick to shorts and sweat pants for now. Laziness is its own virtue. So is cheapness.

chrismcl…Check the tags again, I think you will find that the pants of which you speak are off-shore knock-offs…

DYNK brand…

“Costanza”…that’s funny…

“BEN: Life’s too short to waste on you.
GEORGE: Wait a minute, please–
BEN: Get out of my way…
GEORGE: But Mr. Cantwell, you… you owe me for the soup…”

chrismcl tell me where the hell do you were UnderArmour? When you are working out in a gym. Unless you got some cold gear and you want to run out side it may help a little. But, most people who where underarmour gear where them while they work-out in the gym. I don’t what benfits a shirt is going to make when your lifting weights execept if its one of those powerlifting shirts. Tell me other then the cold gear that may warm you up when you run outside. One other benfit that underarmour gear has when your working-out. I see none! UnderArmour I would classify as expenisive gym wear for the rich athlete as well as NIKE (for some of there sneakers).

Rum thanks thats intreasting white vinegar. Your not flaming me are u? I don’t think you are.

They’re jeans for crying out loud!-Next you’ll probably ask us for ironing instructions. Whatever happened to the addage, “the older they get, the better they look”? Nothing’s worse than a guy wearing finely-pressed jeans. I won’t argue with the difference in fit and fabric of quality denim such as Diesel’s, but jeans are made to be worn-in, not kept pristine.

Fit,I do not need closes like that. Even though I can afford them I feel no need to look more important than I am. Because something is for the rich and famous does not mean I want it.

Plus you can always find something on sale.

But I am married now so maybe I lost some of my spunk. I find myself more worried about the hot water heater and my central air.lol

Maybe I should not of made the first comment but 140$ just blew me away.

I love my Structure jeans (now Express for men, how chick-like). They have plenty of room in the thighs. I wish I had that kind of money to spend on clothes that will get used and abused.

Washing jeans in HOT water LEECHES the color out of them. You SHOULD wash them in COLD WATER, mild detergent. If they are too baggy, you can air dry them for ~1 day, then put them in a drier on LOW HEAT for ~1 hour. If not, just air dry them on a rack with a fan pointing on them.

Hey Jwright Structure did have some nice pairs of jeans. Although when they went to Express I adviod them like a plaque. Can’t believe they did that!

I have no issue with paying more for designer clothes. Neither do many of my gay friends. :slight_smile: Just playing with you fitone.

But seriously, I don’t have an issue with people paying for clothes they want, as long as they don’t “need” them.

When “Structure” first came out, it was actually “Express for Men”. I used to work for them, so I got to know all the aspects. When they switched to Express, they slowly incorporated the logo into their clothing. Now, virtually everything has the tag, but nothing is overtly “Express”, which is good, because I still like their clothes.

I pay $100+ for Sunglasses (Oakley) so I have no problem paying for expensive shit either!! It was just in jest poking fun at $150 jean boy :slight_smile:

fitone - definately not flaming you, the vinegar helps preserve the initial coloring, and always washing inside out does the same.

if you are in the market for dope denim, check out paper denim - i like their designs and cuts as much as diesel, and a lot are nice and low slung (a fit i find better for an athletic build)

Gawd…all of you must be filthy rich or somethign to spend $150 on jeans and sunglasses…I refuse to spend anymore than $100 for evening gowns, $70 for a pair of slacks, and $50 for blouse. (And those are my big items – the rest are jeans, which I never pay more than $40 per pair, regardles of the tag attached to them, T-shirts, and other comfy clothes). Clearance rack = my favorite place at the mall.

But I do dry clean almost all of my clothes except T-shirts, jeans, training clothes, and underwear cuz I get my dry cleaning done for free.

…Lets see…Yves St. Laurent…Gucci…Ralph Lauren…Versace…Calvin Kien…

Yep, all here.

Good thing none of those manly training guys showed up and ruined everything


“Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are”

~ Quentin Crisp

haha, not rich, just selective and into fashion (guess i don’t know who i am)

besides, ever had a beautiful girl come up to you in a bar, smack your fashionable ass, and say “hi, my name is ____”

it feels good bob, damn good

If you can buy jeans off the rack, then you arent big enough. haha. jeans are jeans. dont nobody give a shit what kind they are. does anybody even look? I sure as hell dont. to me, its money that would have been better spent on food, bands, chains, education, sex…i mean a girlfriend. haha.

But to answer the question, this is how to clean jeans.

  1. Roll the jeans up real tight.
  2. take a shoulder width stance and assume an overhand grip on the jeans right outside the thighs.
  3. The first pull is gonna kinda be like the pull in a deadlift.
  4. Once you clear the knees achieve full extension and “kick” the bar to the clavicles.
    You just cleaned your jeans.

BWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA HOLY SHIT !! NOW THAT WAS FUNNY AS HELL Golberg!! Oh Shit I gotta run an check myself. HAHAHAHHAAAA ." The proper way to clean a pair of jeans ". Good one ,real good.HAHAHAHHAAAAA!!! "tear in my eye OH SHIT ". HAHAHAAAA

Great one Goldberg! I buy levi’s 34 waist 32 length. I have thighs at about 27" at 5’7". I got big legs, they fit they cost 25- 40 bucks and I also have money. Fashion is for women. Squatter’s butts take care of the women.

Damn Goldberg That was funny.LMAO