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Cleaning jeans

Here’s a question for all you t-man and vixens out there. I got myself two pairs of Diesel Jeans and I was wonderning how do I clean them? Do I put them in the wash w/ my regular clothes or do I take out them out to the dry cleaners. The only reason I ask is because the one pair of jeans was $140 and the other was $169. I hate to ruin them through the wash.

I know most of u won’t spend that kind of money on jeans but, I also know some you have money out their and would spend it on Diesel Jeans.

They are the most comfortable jeans I ever worn!

I can’t concieve of how anyone can fit in those, but designer (denim) jeans almost invariably can be washed normally. As long as they are in fact denim and there is no care instruction tag (which I assumed you already scoured the legs for), washing should be fine. Dry cleaning is costly (over the long run), time consuming, and also unhealthy, as cleaning chemical residues remain on the clothes. One other thing, I’ve had pants which left an option on the care tag as to whether to dryclean or wash. While they were in fact softer and nicer when they were dry cleaned, washing normally didn’t “damage” them, as they always returned to that soft and comfy state after another drycleaning. Although they weren’t denim/cotton so that example may not be relevant. Hope this helps.

I think you’re a dickwad for spending $140 on jeans. Were Levi’s really that fucking uncomfortable?

doggie yes Levis were too tight in the thigh area. Hey, I don’t mind spending a little more on quality stuff. If I got the money why not. If I don’t I wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t max out my credit card for jeans but why not buying one or two pairs every so often like every 3-5 months.

perhaps in their quest for the perfect pair of jeans, diesel neglected to include the little tag on the inside on the waist that gives washing instructions.

Peace of cake.
First time you wash them wash them .Wash them in HOT, trust me it sets the color in. After that cold or medium is fine, depends on how dirty you get them.
Second what kills cloths is our friendly dryer, so just spread them out on a table or a drying rack and your good to go.
As far a comfortable jeans,have you ever put on the Levis Silver Tab Jeans? Alot of room in the legs . They have so many different cuts now I’m sure you will find something that fits perfect.An they usually run around 50$ to 70$ but hell I pay for quality too.

Why pay retail for anything. Does anyone know how to save money?

One or two pair of jeans every 3-5 months at $150 a piece?

I have three pairs of jeans, all probably 2-3 years old. They wash quite well in the washing machine.

I have enough money to buy lots of things, but that doesn’t mean that I spend it on frivolous things.

Wash them inside-out in cold water and hang dry.

Doogie - Chill out!! I’d never spend more than $35 on a pair of jeans, but damn - of all the things to jump down someone’s throat about - think of how much people are spending on underarmour gear right now. Was a t-shirt really that uncomfortable? A lot of people could think that the amount of time and effort some people on here put into their physical appearances make them narcissicistic assholes with very skewed priorities. Jeesh, sometimes I get the impression people want to flame Fitone just for the sake of flaming Fitone.

Fitone also lives in NJ, right by NY. Ever buy something in Manhattan? Ever see the cost of living for NYC residents? Its damn high.

solo I have money save and invested! I preach that all time. I Just by one or two expensive clothes every so often. I don’t spend my money on beer or alchohol. I just buy the finer things in life once in awhile. Nothing wrong w/ that.

Amen fitone. Now if I could only cut down those alcohol expenses…

DocT, I don’t mean just jeans. I probably never by another pair of jeans I got two good designer pair of jeans and thats all I need. I probably get some other designer clothes though. In 3-5 months.

beer and alcohol is the same thing?

I like rustler jeans. They last longer, and they aren’t droopy assed. Plus, they have enough crotch room.

Fitone believe me I like to buy the finer things too. Dude u probaly could of found them cheaper. That is all I am sayin unless they are usually 200$ then u got a good deal. I wear alot of A&F,Jcrew etc. I just bought 700$ worth of shoes 4 like 200$ off ebay and 3 of the 5 pair were new.

I will never judge ya dude ever since I married my wife I am amazed how many good deals are out there.

You guys wash your jeans?

Solo not to offend you but A & F and J Crew middle class clothes. If you said you wear Giorgio Armani, Prada, Diesel, Kenneth Cole, etc. Now your talking more higher class or upper class clothing.

And usually that stuff doesn’t go on sale too often. Because it is cater more to the rich and famous. They can afford it! I on the other had can afford it once in awhile not all the time.

I too own J Crew and Banana Republic clothes and some A/E (
Armani Exchange) stuff.

If you guys have Marshall’s in your area I suggest going there and buying clothes. I buy DKNY dress pants there for like $8, I bought another pair of designer dress pants, these pants are the sexiest, most comfortable pants on the face of the earth, $2. I bought a really nice pair of Skechers sneakers for $15. They had Tommy Hilfiger sneakers for the same price but I hate Tommy Hilfiger, too damn preppy for me. All that stuff was @ Marshall’s. I go straight for the Clearance racks.

I remember back when I was young and immature, I used to buy the real expensive pairs of JNCO jeans for like $50 and $60 (expensive back then and expensive to me). I thought I was hot shit. Then I realized that I could buy pants a helluva lot cheaper. I feel like George Costanza, like my 6th sense is cheapness because you wouldn’t believe all the cheap shit I find.

Also, paying lots of money for UnderArmour is different. UnderArmour actually aids in your athletic performance in that it wicks the sweat away from your body. Also, UnderArmour is only about $20 for a shirt or so (last time I checked). $169 for jeans is a different story. Now if these jeans made girls throw themselves at me while ripping their clothes off in mid-air then I might consider buying a pair of these jeans, however, in the mean time, I’ll keep my cheap clothes.

diesels are good. i just bought a pair in rome for 150 bucks, my other pair is still going strong after 3 years. plus, they look damn good, better than any levi’s out there.

the first time you wash diesel’s, turn them inside out and add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the wash.

always wash inside out.