clean weight vs bench weight

Just wondering what percentage between the two would be optimal. Being how I recently saw a guy hang clean more than he can bench, this made me wonder if my clean is a little behind what is should be. Any thoughts?

i bench 405 w/ a shirt, and hang clean 325.

6’ 232, 16% bodyfat 21yrs old

You’ll find it’s easier to get a big bench. You’ve just got a lot more leverage advantage, and the distance the bar moves is considerably less.

We’ve all seen people who can bench 400 (not that that isn’t impressive), but how many people do you know who can clean it?

I am the same way. I bench about 325 and clean 365. Dont understand why but its always been hard for me to make gains in the bench. Oh well, all you can do is keep workin.

It has to be all relative to your personal strengths, I played football with a lot of guys who could clean the house, but couldnt bench squat. I think it has a lot to do with technique and explosion. Any how cleaning is awesome, I have never found another exercise that gave me such great trap developement.

My roomie does 405 clean/475 bench.

He’s kinda strong.

I can bench a lot more than I can squat for some reason. I just don’t have a lot of squat strength. I can leg press way more than I bench, but squat happens to be weak for me. In fact, I can straight leg deadlift more than I can squat. I believe the fact that I am 6-5 has a lot to with it. That is a long way to move weight when you put your ass on your heels every rep.

I can clean the exact same # as I can bench.