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Clean vs. Snatch


what are some advantages and disadvangatges of doing a clean, a clean and jerk, and a snatch. ALso which would anyone say is batter for a football player to do?


More power generation, less weight used, and vice versa. It really just depends on if you've got the flexibility and the discipline to perfect form. They're all good for football players, although I like the clean and the snatch the most of the three.


They are all good and should be performed equally for all-around strength. They all train your hips to be quick and explosive which is very important in football. The minute you start to train one more than the other, you will develop weak links. You should be able to clean and jerk more than you can snatch but that's fine. I would perform one Olympic first in each workout. Occasionally combining the Clean + jerk


Ignoring the intial part of the question I feel that the clean would be best suited for football players. Catching the bar is an excellent way of getting used to heavy contact.

Also, the clean/ power clean is less technical than the snatch, therefore relatively heavy weights can be used within a short timeframe.

Still, holding any heavy weight overhead ie snatch/jerk is enough to make a man out of most people, so they are all excellent exercises with very real sporting benefits.



CT wrote an article some time ago called The Other Kind of Snatch which introduces the power snatch to people that only think the power clean is a viable athletic lift. Both are good but personally I like to snatch a lot more than clean, and besides its way more fun to say.


Personally, I like the hang snatch. I perform it at the beginning of every workout and only for low reps. I'm a sprinter and it's helping out.