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Clean Vs. Power Clean?


Is there a difference between a clean and a power clean, or a clean and press and a power clean and press? When it seems different authors describe both exercises the same way in articles, and videos on you tube also show the same exercise, but with two different names? If there is a difference, where can I find the right way to do it?


clean = power clean
clean and press = power clean and press.....



"power" means from the ground, "hang" or without a word in front of it usually means standing.

hang clean or clean = from the knees, standing

power clean = from the floor

Edit: actually in my link they just have power clean = clean so if it's hanging it's done standing if it says power or just clean then it's from the floor.


Power Clean is caught higher in what is called the "power position":

See how the bar is caught in a quarter squat.

A true clean is caught is caught in a much lower squat:

Hang refers to the bar starting at your knees.
So one could do a hang power clean by starting with bar at knees and catching it high
or hang clean starting at knees and receiving bar in full front squat.



Cleans are where the bar is racked as low as possible.
Power Cleans are where the bar is racked as high as possible (slight bend in the knees).

Power Cleans are an accessory to Cleans to develop explosive power and speed in the hip drive so the same speed and explosiveness carries over the Clean.

Power Clean - Clean - Front Squat


good to know, its seems i was mistaken


probably should have posted this in strength sports as it has nothing to do with bodybuilding.


"Nothing" is an exaggeration.




Obviously you shouldn't feel bad for not knowing the terminology...


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