Clean Technique & Turnover Tips

Coach I read some feedback recently you gave to a lifter regarding their snatch form and I was wondering whether you would be able to shed some light on how to improve the turnover and catch for a clean.

Here is a recent clean complex at near max weight. Any feedback would be truly appreciated



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I’m hardly qualified to give advice in this, but I recently (like today lol) started incorporating some XFit stuff into my routine and needed to know technicalities of Cleans.

I watched this video to learn for myself but…

Your form looked textbook to me.

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Well I appreciate your kind words, for what it’s worth

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I think your form is really good. I would have you start with just a lower hip position to ensure more legs and vertical push thru the floor. Sweep the bar up the thighs rather than bumping the bar away. The best way to achieve this is with a powerful shrug that not only brings the bar up and close to you, but also starts the pull under which facilitates the turnover. And without starting a war, don’t use CrossFit as an example. Catalyst Athletics has the best resources for weightlifting.

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Appreciate it bud, I’ve watched catalyst videos before and they are very good. Donny Shenkle is a fucking animal. Some of his complexes were mind blowing