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Clean Technique Help

Lately I’ve been having a lot of problem with my cleans. Particularly jumping forward. I have 5 videos posted from last Friday. All at 75kg. My max is 90kg. I’d appreciate any suggestions about what I am doing wrong either with jumping forward or anything else that doesn’t look right.



Direct your pull. The reason why your jumping forward is because you are compensating for the misdirection. Think about pulling the bar up through your body or even trying to have the bar brush against your stomach. Right now you are bouncing the bar off your thighs, it should brush.

Straighten up your back, especially your upper back. Keep your shoulders back. You look like you are doing a powerlifting style deadlift at the start of your pull.

Turn your elbows so that the POINT OF YOUR ELBOW POINTS ALONG THE BAR.

Think about EXTENDING UP with YOUR HEAD. IF your head goes UP, your hips go in and up.

You need to finish more vertical. Your driving your hips in = good but your not going UP enough and this is why you go forwards.

You should never go forwards on a Clean or Snatch. It’s hard to recover as the weight, when heavy will just carry on going forwards.