Clean Technique Critique/Help

Okay, so this is my clean technique. I tried to work on the stuff you guys mentioned to help my snatch. I tried getting my hips lower, jumping straight up, pulling closer. After 100kg I starting jumping forward again. I will continue to work on technique.

Looks really good man, you already mentioned the minor stuff to focus on and that’s all I see as well.

  • Hips lower, chest up in start position. I think you just need to work on some mobility/flexibility for this
  • Really focus on finishing the pull and pulling UP, and just let the bar do the rest as you drop under it.

Seriously, I had the problem of bouncing it in front of me and I would lose the bar forward, either in the snatch or clean. I just pounded it into my head during the lift, “UP UP UP!”.

Looks like a similar issue that your snatch needing to keep the bar closer. It almost looks like you hip check the bar and push it horizontally outwards. The bar should brush your thighs, not bounce off of them. I’d say keep your shoulders in front of the bar longer (keep the bar tight with the lats) and maintain hips staying back more patiently until near the end of the 2nd pull. This will keep your balance on the middle of your foot since it looks like its shifting to your heels too early.

It looks pretty solid.

Your technical error here, is similar to your snatch, in that you drive the bar out, instead of up. Focus on wrapping your elbows quick around and driving your shoulders up into the bar, instead of diving under the bar and waiting for it to crash down on you. In a nut shell, meet the bar.

The less horizontal motion and looping of the bar you have, the more likely you are to make the lift. The goal in the pull is to eliminate any loop of the bar, because that is all wasted energy.