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Clean Technique Coaching

Hey, I’d love to progress into performing proper cleans at home and I find myself debating the safety of this. The closest to them I currently do are power cleans and high pulls, so I’m most unsure about how to squat into them.

Also, I’ve got that whole wrist problem with the front squat rack position and the push press. For example, during front squats, I generally barely have a grip on the bar, other than my fingertips, and when performing push presses, I do them out of the bottom of the military press position, not the racked position.

So, when it’s a power clean weight, ending up in the military press position isn’t that big of a deal, and if I go to rack, pressing it becomes impossible. That also makes me worry about catching real weight since that position might involve tipping over, and going to the rack will involve losing grip.

Logically, I’m sure I could start low and go up in weight as I improve, but for starters, I’ve no clue as to how to get under the bar safely and properly. That would be the first thing to learn.

Advice is much appreciated.

i have wrist problems as well. when i do front squats, i cross my arms, placing my hands on my biceps/shoulders and rest the bar there and basically hold on to the bar with my fingers. its kind of painful there, especially with more weight, but thats really the only way i can do them. im not sure if this is the most PROPER way but thats my 3 cents

Find a coach. Pay him $100 to help you. If you cannot afford $100, find a way to earn it. If this means you don’t screw around on the Internet and dedicate all of your leisure time to acquiring money, so be it.

I have just taught you at least two lessons here.

Better yet, just find a coach and ask him to teach you without mentioning money.

Chances are, you can get a session of clean tech coaching for less than that. If you google “USAW” , hit “contact info,” and then hit “registered clubs,” chances are you’ll find a phone number to call.

Start with just the bar to work on technique, then add weight. Post videos for critique if you are able to do so.