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I have recently bought Jack3d for pre-workout. But I also want something for post-workout or muscle gain in general. The problem is that I really do not want whey (Also no isolate.) because I am hyper sensitive for acne and furthermore I have already tons of proteins in my daily nutrition:

-> Salmon
-> Nuts (Brazil nuts, almonds.)
-> Chicken
-> Eggs

My question to you experienced bodybuilders therefore is,
What do you recommend to me as post-workout supplement that has absolutely no link with acne/ can cause acne?

Thank you in advance.


I think you should do more research on the myths that certain types of food cause acne. Are you allergic to whey? Why do you think protein will cause acne?


I'm pretty sure all the sugar and shite in the jackd3 or whatever will be a he'll of a lot worse than whey, but I guess you'll get arrwsum pumpzz

I doubt whey will give you ache, Any proof that it will?


There's this wicked awesome supplement called "Moar Foodz" it contains everything you need to grow and 99% of the time won't give you acne.


As far as I know, the general state of anabolism (muscle building) will induce a bit of acne in those who are prone to it. Many people that I have spoken to who declare themselves 'sensitive' break out whenever they do anything to increase testosterone or even insulin for that matter.

Increasing these has to be done to build muscle effectively, it's unavoidable. Your best bet would not be to avoid products that induce acne, but to take products or do methods that prevent breakouts.

So rather than avoiding foods, get some zinc or green tea in your diet. Avoid unnecessary insulin spikes (so only have processed carbs near the workout), wash your face thrice a day and put a clean towel over your diseased oily pillow every night when you sleep.

Avoiding allergies is still advisable though :slightly_smiling:


interesting, i've noticed a few spots around my back recently, i drop ZMA most nights and shlurp green tea in the morning and it does seem to help. also pineapple does a pretty good job even eaten in stupid amounts.


Eat your whey and wash your face... if you must. Or else you'll be funk-eh.


Actually, DON'T scrub your face with those acne things. There's a layer on top of skin called the "horny layer" (I'm not making this up) that protects you from things like acne but is killed by harsh cleaners and scrubbing and even really rough drying (hence most acne remedy sites tell you to pat dry or dab your face).

Try out Apple Cider Vinegar. Just dab some on a piece of toilet paper or cotton ball and wipe it on the acne areas. Clears up your face and any other areas of acne. Personally, I came into it with backne problems and it cleared it up significantly.


Totally agree. Spiking your insulin is one of the worst things you can do for inflammation, which acne is a manifestation of. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits.

For me, staying away from sugar, dairy, and vegetable oils are key. I also eat Paleo, so spiking my insulin through foods is almost impossible.


So would you extend that to include even a PWO shake, i.e. high GI vs low GI shake?

You'd rather ingest slower carbs like oats PWO than carbs that are much higher in GI, assuming both carb servings have equal GL ?


Yes. To be honest, I don't really buy into the whole spiking insulin thing that is repeatedly mentioned in some of the articles here. It might make sense for high level body builders, but that isn't my goal.

I think consistency, finding what's right for your body, and positioning your carbs around your workout is much more important. Spiking your insulin in general is just a bad idea IMO.

The only carb that I consumer other than vegetables is quinoa and sometimes sweet potatoes, and I always make sure to have them either in the meal before or the meal after my workouts.


Funny you say that, because a friend and I were having this discussion a while back about how spiking insulin "sky high" and on a regular basis, regardless of it being down peri-workout, is still possibly bad physiologically, with the potential to bring even healthy people into the category of pre-diabetic.

(hope I articulated that properly; just got home from some bar hoppin)

Another friend of mine would take something with high GI carbs and protein as a PWO shake, and he would consistently feel shakey for about 30 min after ingesting the PWO shake. He wasn't even overweight or pre-diabetic (if I recall).

And if you think about it, it's not like most natural foods allow us to spike our insulin that high, plus we tend to eat a mix of macros (and ideally with fiber) that lowers the total GI of the meal; hence, a PWO shake can raise insulin to artificially high levels.

At least, that is my logic. Glad to hear someone else thinks along the same lines.


Cop some Whey protein and creatine. Neither have been linked to acne. Muscle growth on the other hand, is.