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Clean/Snatch - Moving the Bar Faster

How do i get the bar to move faster? this may be a stupid question, but even when i go light, i just cant seem to get the bar to move lightning quick. i dont clean much(hang clean 185 2x pr), but im just looking to get the bar moving faster and to start using more weight. what do u guys suggest??

Regardless of the actual weight on the bar, pull the bar with the same effort and force as if there was your max on it.


Don’t try to move the bar faster. You can’t move your max fast no matter what. Move yourself faster.

well how would i practice it? i mean, are there any other movements that i can do to help me with my acceleration?

I think it’s mostly a matter of just getting under the bar faster. Exercises for that would be drop snatches, hang snatches and cleans. Learn to drop youself faster. Just focus on it every lift. Try to smoothly transition from extension to dopping and catching.

Hi Ballin,
As a Olympic Weightlifting Coach there are a lot off movements to move faster to improve the Clean and Snatch.

Get the bar up on different block heights. This means set the weight at MID THIGH level, Just below Knee level, even as high as your waist. What this does is make you move the damn weight plus your body as one fast unit.

If you don’t move quick the weight is just going to come crashing down.

You don’t need super heavy weights. Just enough to be able to move as one unit and maintain the proper technique.

Once your technique and your conditioning is on par to lift regular maximum weights you have to get under the bar real fast.

Again, move the body fast and the weight as one unit.

Hope this helps

185x2 isn’t terrible, how much do you weigh?

Also, here’s a good link:


Ensure you don’t grip the bar too tight but enough to keep hold of it. A good example can be seen of Pro baseball players when they get ready to swing, you’ll see them squeezing with their fingers and releasing several times to remind themselves, fastest bat speed with your forearms not in maximum tension after the initition of the swing.

You’ll retighten when you reach your thighs and begin the second part of the pull with a shrug. Think of your body as a whip, if you’re standing too wide or gripping too wide, you’re limiting the whip effect your body can have on the bar.
All the best
Mad Jack

wow thanx guys. those are some good tips. i weigh around 220. im ashamed of my hang clean because i am playing football for a juco starting monday and guys there were hang cleaning pretty high.

the bar looked like it had a 45 and a 100lb plate on it(iv never seen a 100 lb plate tho). so it looked like this CB/FS was doing like 335, altho the big plate might have just been a 45 bumper plate, not sure. so today when i started my workout for the VJ prog. by CT and i was using 155 for reps. i just dont want to look ridiculous out there in the weight room, ya know?