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Clean Pull vs Power Clean


I'm currently training for high school track season and I've started including o lifts into my routine a couple months ago. What i was wondering was since I'm not training for any weightlifting completions could i get away with doing clean pulls for explosive lifting instead of power/squat cleans?

BTW I have been doing a VERY watered down version of the Bulgarian training routine for a couple months now and have had great results.( I added 100 pounds on my squat in 3 months )


im going to go ahead and say no.


What are your Squats and clean stats.


I back squat 415 and power clean 265 ( as soon as i get my squat clean technique ironed out ill see what my max is on those)


There's no need to do squat cleans if you're just doing them for athletic purposes. Stick to power cleans if you're going to rack it.

I'm assuming you meant clean high pulls in your first post. For whatever reason, you don't see them that often in athletic s&c programs, but there's not really going to be any additional benefit to you if you catch the bar versus just letting it drop back to the ground once you've pulled it up. That said, you're probably better off sticking with a weight you can pull high enough such that you could actually rack it in a power clean position, if you were so inclined to utilize them.


The benefit is that people who only do pulls don't pull properly for a variety of reasons...use a weight you can PC and just get better at it. EDUCATE yourself on it, learn to full Clean also.

IS IT REALLY THAT hard to spend 15mins doing some bar work at the start of your sessions? It's BS that people can't spend 15mins doing some bar work to improve themselves.

If you really can't be f0cked to do PC then do Clean Pulls.