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Clean & Press/Clean & Jerk - Form Check

hi guys been a while i since i done these few months…

what exactly would u call what im doing here? :smiley:

i dont get under the bar properly i know that and i dont go into a squat either so what is it im actually doing or is it just a really wrong way of lifting ?

any advice pls

(i was doing my morning walk/jog and was looking at my bar and said i fancied giving it a go so had my running shoes on)

attempt 2

attempt 3 …got it

vids are showing side ways on my pc they are the right way up sorry

it is just under 12stone weight (bodyweight)

It’s a very ugly (shaky) barbell clean & push press.

:smiley: what way u go to cleaning it up hawkz?the press part i usually dont stumble the way i did on the press maybe was shoes?

i think im more concerned with the actual clean part of the lift getting it from flopor to hip to shoulders

should i deadlift to hip - then drive with hips to boost the bar up to shoulder-

do i need to do the squat bit?

i should add for now i am not interested in power lifting as such or oly lifting. But would like some power and mainly bodybuilding techniques

if that makes sense

Why don’t you look at Thib’s videos? I’m pretty sure he covers all this to perfection. The exercise you are doing is one of the most common Oly lifts right?

Tons of strength coaches should have proper videos on this, I wouldn’t rely on forum-warriors to fix your form for you.


First, lower the weight.

Second, there is really no form to check at this point. You are doing pretty much everything possibly wrong, which is totally normal for a beginner.

Check out the following vids, hope it helps.

Thanks guys will watch the vids…

i struggle with front squats i should also practice them more

My advice to you from, which has nothing to do with your technique since that has thoroughly been evaluated, is to get some bumper plates if those are not bumper plates. I do not know how much weight that was but when I gave Ol-lifts the ol-college try I kinda hurt my elbows bringing the barbell down the way you did. I only got to 225 c & j but that was without rubber plates so I couldn’t just drop it.

One quick tip is to keep the bar as close to your body as humanly possible on the way up and ensure that the bar is travelling in a straight vertical path from the ground to your shoulders, your bringing it way out in front of you which is why you failed the first couple attempts. Also watch more instructional videos on power cleans from people who really know what they’re talking about, lower the weight and use your fucking hips.

I’m not expert on power cleans though, those are just a few pointers that I’ve gotten in the past