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Clean off blocks

Just wondering what the expected ratio between cleaning off blocks where the bar starts 2-3 inches above the knee vs regular power cleans is for people.

I can power clean 225 for 5 off the blocks but find a regular power clean to be much more harder. I thought a normal power clean would allow me to lift more but I can only clean 200lbs for 1 rep in poor form.

It should be much easier off teh floor, as you have a 2 pull phases.

Maybe your starting position of the floor is not optimal.

The 1st pull is harder then people assume, most have difficulty in the the transition phase from the 1st to 2nd phases.

TC recommends that athletes pull from blocks.

Also remember that cleaning off blocks involves a much smaller distance to pull a load. This may have something to do with it…

yeah but a smaller distance means less power :slight_smile:

I agree with Cool, with proper technique a Clean from the floor should be greater then a Clean from blocks. With a pull from the floor one has more time to accelerate the bar.

From what I’ve seen though, beginners usually can Clean greater amounts from the hang then they can from the floor.

Oddly enough, saw this novice guy in the gym today doing dead-lifts with a rounded, limp back. And he was jerking the bar up…

I was going to go over and have a chat, and help him out, but this HUGE and experienced guy beat me to it. His answer: shove a box under the little dude’s feet so he’d get a better stretch at the bottom of the lift… and did nothing about his back.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in this, but I know not what.

I think my technique off the floor isn’t as good definitely as well as the fact my grip due to injury might affect my lift.

Having said that I noticed in an interview on this site that CT can clean more off blocks than he can clean and jerk and you’d think his technique was great???

Nodybody can clean and jerk more than than they can clean :slight_smile:

After I jerk, then I usually clean…

what we need is a jerk-off block, a block that helps you jerk off.