Clean My Clean Form Up

185 lbs Power Clean at 77kg 1RM PR - YouTube 155lbs

185 lbs Power Clean at 77kg 1RM PR - YouTube 185lbs

205 Power Clean (fail) at 77kg - YouTube 205lbs (fail)

This is my third time cleaning. Any words of advice or see anything I could work on?


Hips rise a bit too fast, your upper body is near parallel before you go into second pull. Also, learn to move your feet, just not too much. Your feet should NOT stay in the same place!!

You can see no …“oomph” taking place.

You watch videos of other people cleaning and you see them popping the hips, “jumping” the weight and such.

Dude you’re straight muscling that bar up. Hips are rising too fast as noted above, bring your elbows thru faster they are going in slow motion and drop under the bar. You have the strength to power clean 225 easy.

Go to California strength training website they have a how to video that will show u that “oomph” plus Jon north has a gr8 vid on YouTube that shows the bump and catch drill he uses and teaches, goodluck!