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Clean Mass Diet


ive been religously (sp) dieting since december. trying to shed my football weight and strip as much body fat as possible. currently im about 6 foot 170lbs. and at 6.4% body fat. I recently statrted Shugart's clean mass diet, but im afraid if i will put on too much extra body fat, therefore sacraficing physique (abs and what not). How do i put on mucsle mass without putting on that extra body fat?


Eat a lot of protein, not too much crap, and work your dick off at the gym. However, it’s pretty unavoidable that you’re gonna put on a little bit of fat, so live with it. A lot easier to lose fat than it is to gain muscle. You’re going to have a much better ‘physique’ with more muscle.


Uh…get over it? You’re already very lean (you’re probably not 6.4%) you can afford to add a little fat and not look bad. And you’re going to need to. You’re skinny at 170 and 6’. If you wanna get a lot bigger you’re going to need to stop worrying about your abs.

Eat a ton of protein, eat anything that isn’t nailed down, work hard in the gym regularly.

Shugart’s clean mass is for former fatties and other folks who’re overly concerned or VERY prone to adding bodyfat, unless you fall into one of those categories eat like a big guy to BE a big guy.


Another “Go Fuck”


[quote]decoffeen wrote:
6.4% body fat.[/quote]

And you’re worrying because…?