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Clean Lunch from Grocery Stores?

I work in the city, in an office environment and there is a large super market (woolworths) near by.

I don’t know nutrition, but i know that i can get a quarter roast chicken for $3, and keep frozen brocolli to microwave in the work freezer.

What other lunches can i buy, that are ‘on-the-run’ from grocery stores?

If it is only lunch that you need “on the run” keep eating the chicken. I never understood the need for variety especially when it is just one meal out of the day.

I love grilling burgers at lunch but I live a mile from work.

Is going home for work out of the question?

Deli meats like sliced turkey, ham and roast beef. Pre-made salads, tons of fruit and veggies. Just get yourself some silverware at your office and few paper plates and EAT!