Clean & Jerk

Hey guys, I need a bit of help and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I have a small assessment coming up shortly on the clean & jerk and just wanted to get some extra reading material or advice. We have covered the basics but in the time available we weren’t able to go into any great detail. If anyone has any links to reliable guides or articles on the clean and jerk, or even the clean/jerk phase itself, it would be hugely appreciated.
Anyway thanks for the help.

Since it is around the holidays, think about dropping the money for CT’s Black Book of Training secrets. It’s not just specific to olympic lifts, but it has a very lengthy section on troubleshooting and how to teach the lifts.

you’ve probably already seen it but that dimas video is worth watching 1,000 times.

Check out the NSCA site, USAWF site, or MILO site for tons of materials, or Human Kinetics should have a variety of learning materials as well.

Thanks for the advice guys, Im checking out those sites at the moment. Thanks to those who sent me a PM aswell, you have all been very helpfull.