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Clean + Jerk to Back Squat Ratio?


Hi guys.

So, assuming you have, at the very least, "decent" technique on normal (not elite) standards, what would be a realistic ratio for clean+jerk to squat?

Is 60% aiming too low?

Also, the back squat has to be real, Oly-style.


Usually FS is 80-90% of BS and CJ and is around 80-90% of FS, giving you a range of 64-81% CJ to BS ratio.

I have a bad clean and worse jerk, but I've still jerked 56% of my best back squat. I'd think any serious lifter could do 70% or so.


dude, I am a MEDIOCRE athlete who has a serious spinal injury, and even I manage 70%. If you are a decent athlete, actually have moderately good technique and abundunt practice with the lifts, I think 80% is doable.


The standard quoted figure is 80% for an elite athlete. I'd say at least 70-75% is doable for most people that have trained for 3-5yrs.



Yeah, the old Russian/Soviet number that's always brought up is 80%. I think my best clean and jerk was 82% of my back squat PR at the time.





Thank you...

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As to the legendary claims about the legendary Pisarenko split-jerking more than he could back squat... Truth?