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Clean & Jerk - Form Check

BW: 73kg/161 lbs

First time doing full clean & jerks. And for sure there’s a lot of technique work before moving on to heavier weights.

Got any advices or tips be free to comment.

Nice work! Really solid start.

The one thing I’d be inclined to do is to try and jump your feet out slightly on the power jerk. This way as the weight gets heavier it’ll be easier to dip deeper as you catch the weight overhead but still keep the bar over your centre of gravity.

At the moment if you needed to dip any deeper your backside would have to go further behind you cos of your narrow stance causing your centre of gravity to shift backwards. :slight_smile:

Thank you! The reason I keep my narrow stance and not going so deep is cause I have no intention of competing.

This is just for strength and power, and the narrow stance forces me to explode a bit more.