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Clean & Jerk Critique

I just started CrossFit and olympic lifting about 3 and a half weeks ago, so I’m still fairly new to everything. If you could give some advice as to how to improve my jerk (which is what needs the most work), that’d be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


you basically push pressed the weight up, you didn’t “jerk” it. watch some calstrength tutorial videos on the jerk. you pop the bar up and dip under by splitting your feet, not pressing the weight up.

I agree with akmcsnarfy. chest up more from the start, elbows higher in the catch and use your legs to drive the weight straight up off the shoulders. There are lots more relevant cues etc but it’s counter productive to overload you with info, especially at your stage of learning.

For now just find a decent olympic lifting coach and work on positions/technique, sets of 3-5 working on speed, consistency. Catalyst Athletics is another great site.

(oh, and a side angle would be good)

Thanks for the advice; much appreciated.


You’re welcome. Btw the first 2 cues were about the clean not the jerk, just realised you only asked about the latter :slight_smile: One more thought re jerks, keep your chest up high throughout the dip and drive and maybe try some 3s and 5s from racks as well as/instead of with the clean I’ll try to shut up now before I break my rules of less is more/keep it simple etc…


My critique of your clean: Not quick enough to catch the bar… but then again, it’s rare to see people who are.

My critique of your jerk: The dip was too low. Remember that there should barely be any bend in your legs. And it must be QUICK. No excuses on that one. Also, your ending position must be so that your feet are further apart from each other.

A side or 3/4 view is better for gauging form and positioning in the future.