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Clean Ingredients for BB Diet?


Do we have a list of clean healthy ingredients for a BB diet? Friendly to the older and wheat intolerant. I'm trying to eat 3000 calories/day and I'm not sure how to get there without a lot of supplementation, specially if some basic things are disallowed such as starches, legumes, etc.

Getting to 1200cals of carbs on a training day seems difficult if certain things are cut out. Given any macros, these grocery ingredients should be considered great candidates to reach them.

For example:

Meats (grass fed only? organic?),
Eggs (is any as good as any other?),
Fish Oil,
Fruits (exceptions? eg, Banana's are high in sugar. No juices?)
Bacon? (turkey or otherwise)
Potatoes? (french fries?)
Cottage Cheese?
Greek Yogurt?
Sweet potatoes?
Corn chips? (and other mexican corn products)

What other ingredients do clean-eating people use?


I'm glad you made this thread, as this has never been written about on this forum before.

Not to be a dick, but seriously...with a really basic question like this, do a search before you make a post on this. There have been many, many threads written about different diets based on different macronutrient preferences.


DO you have a pork intolerance?


Check this article from Nate Miyaki, discussing different carb sources:

Also, as was said, there have been a bunch of solid nutrition articles from guys like Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Dr. Clay Hyght, John Meadows, and Shelby Starnes.


go for fruit/sweet potato/rice for carbs sources, if you can't get 1200 cals a day off that I wish I was in your situation. bananna's(only post workout), apples, strawberries, blue berries are my choices for fruit.


Quark Cheese, Greek Yogurt.


The other white meat...


Beans, lentils, chickpeas.

For me these're about the only carb source I don't wear around my waist.


What's wrong with supplements?



Olive oil. It's cheap, healthy and is 120 calories a tablespoon. I have four tablespoons a day. There's plenty more but I thought I would mention it since you didn't have it listed.


I would say the yogurt and cheese might be a very useful...