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Clean High Pull - Clarification


Aloha Coach,

There is a gentleman in the gym who was explaining how to do a Clean High Pull based off your video.

I have watched your video over and over and I notice these two things:

1) Heels leave floor as you're exploding up
2) Shoulders appear to be moving upward, not back

The gentleman was explaining that your feet remain flat and that you're pulling backward as you go up.

Am I interpreting your video correctly?


A hui ho.


The heels go off the floor since the lower body must produce most of the upward momentum, if the heels do not leave the floor it pretty much indicate relying toi much on your arms or involving the arms too early.

As for the shoulders, they shouldn't get out of the pocket, so they are not moving back, but the elbows are aimed up and slightly back at the top


Mahalo Coach. I will pass on the info.