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Clean - Help Needed


I think I might have my contact point too low on my thighs and I should try to get down deeper in the front squat.
What do you think?
My squat strength pretty much sucks at the moment.
I back squatted 135kg (297lb) the other day for 1. It was pretty slow on the way up. I'll try to post it if I can get it off my friends camera.
I need to get my max front squat up to be able to catch 100kg+ in a deep position.

I weigh 81kg (178lb). I got taught power cleans about 7 years ago but I've had a few years off training. I started back training 4 months ago and decided to start full cleaning and snatching. I've just been teaching myself watching some videos and filming my own lifts sometimes.


Good work.

Couple things that I saw:

Not sure if it's the camera angle but it looks like your 1st pull is straight up & down. Idealy with your pulling position you want to pull into your self. Work the positions (Pendlay's drills).

Also, in your set up you are not actively retracting your shoulder blades together and tucking them back. You want to think about putting your shoulder blades in your "back pocket". Because you start with your shoulder rotated forward your finish your pull with your shoulders shrugged forward. Maybe work on some clean pulls and then high pulls to emphasize the elbows high and outside (it looks like you shorten up the 2nd pull a bit).

For the front squat postitioning you just have to get more comfortable in that position. Make sure you are doing Front Squats at leats 50% of the time for your squat days. Get comfortable with your foot positioning and go full range of motion on all squats.

Goodluck with the lifting and hopefully some other people can chime in for you.


Do not jump forward!! when you in the extended position you want to move your feet eat/west staying in the same place. jumping forward will make you loose the advantage of the bounce at the bottom and will make you drop the bar when going for max efforts.
You can do a lot of more weight, you are catching the bar above paralell in every repetition.

.Punish the bar with you legs!
.Pull your elbows up as fat a you can!
.Chest up and back thight!

I'm sorry if my english isn't good enough!

you will get a lot better with a little more technique and effort.


Gracias por tu mensaje. Yo s'e que puedo lavantar mucho mas. Por ahora solo he hecho hasta 90kg recibiendo la barra con el movimiento completo. Voy a trabajar de lo que dices, que salto adelante, rapido con los codos, pecho arriba.. de que parte de mexico eres?

I used to live in Mexico. I'm living in France now but I don't want to forget my spanish.

Did you see my snatch? It's on the same forum.
What do you think?

Have you blogged any of your lifts?


I got a new max on bench too..


This was a new max that I did the other day. I feel like my technique isn't too bad other than maybe the way I receive the bar. I've been watching Glen Pendlay's lifters and his technique vids.

What do you think?

This was 107.5

My best was 100 up until 3 weeks ago. I got 105 for the first time 3 weeks ago and then 107.5 last week. I think I've got plenty of room for improvement.

I'm weighing 82.5kg.


www.primalperformance.com.au has a few of my other lifts


That looked really easy - you were in a half squat when you caught the bar! I think if you work on some full depth front squats you'll make some good steps forward. :slightly_smiling: