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Clean Health Institute Book


I bought your new hypertrophy e-book on Friday.

When I used the Instagram link it charged my credit card without letting me download the book. I received no receipt via email so I don’t even have a purchase number.

I emailed their site on Friday, Sunday and called today and left a voicemail. So far I have received no reply and am out $57.

Do you have a good point of contact who I can get in touch with? Thank you.

Well, my direct contact is the owner of the cie so I’m not sure that he would be keen on me posting his email on the internet for eveyrbody to see. Send me a facebook message (my account with a back pic or my professional thibarmy account).

Ok thanks. I don’t have Facebook but can I send you a message through tnation or your thibarmy instagram account?

instagram is easier

Got it, message sent. Thank you.