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Clean Grip Snatches

Has anyone really used clean grip snatches to a great degree before?

I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing my power snatches with them. I was thinking it would help a lot with mobility and stability in the upper back and shoulder, bar path, and power since the bar has to move a lot further to get to lockout.

if anyone has any form pointers on them as well feel free to throw that in as well, the lifting starts at 2.30. Cheers dudes.

I know Norik Vardanian uses them quite a bit. I feel like they really help with finishing the pull along with what you mentioned.

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You got techniques, is there mobility issue, flexibility issue in shoulder? You plenty on tank what are prs main lifts how tall are you

Yeah I’ve seen Norik use them a fair bit, he’s a big fan of anything tightens up bar path.

In my shoulders not that stop me doing the main lifts, more strength in the shoulders for the catch.

Snatch - 122 without straps, 132 with
Clean and jerk - 155k
Squat - 200kg for 10

As he should be lol. His dad used this same exercise as well I believe.

As long as you have the mobility to do them without discomfort I don’t see an issue, but Clean grip snatch puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder because of the extra mobility requirement, so don’t be afraid of dropping them if they start to nag your shoulders. Also, keep up with mobility work for lats, triceps long head, and shoulder girdle so you can do them without discomfort.

Also, not sure what you meant about “strength in the shoulders for the catch” but it shouldn’t be the shoulders that take the brunt. It should be your back. Your back should be tightened up and turned on all the way in the catch…if you can’t feel the mid back light up you have bigger problems than mobility that will limit your snatch (and jerk).

You have a lot of strength reserve for the olympic lifts with your squat. Not sure if you are focused on olympic lifting specifically or are playing another sport and looking at oly lifting to help that, but your leg strength is not the problem if that 200 kg x 10 is anywhere close to accurate. Back strength is.

I always feel my mid/upper back light up on the catch, but my misses in the snatch generally come from wobbling and shaking in the arms and shoulders. I mean my squat is 200 for 10, my pull ups I could hit 15 maybe more, but my military press is 80k on a good day. Jerks and presses have always been shitty for me, but it could well be my back that is a bit weak in comparison not the shoulders

It’s good you feel your mid back light up, that is key. I’m highlighting this because pull-up strength does not really translate over to snatch and jerk strength except in the most general “back gets more fit” kind of way. It’s kind of like saying your squat carries over to a lateral lunge. Maybe…but the movements are so different that the carry over is not significant except in the “legs are strong enough to work” kind of way. Specific firing patterns and recruitment is key to movement specific strength.

Leaving aside technical considerations and just thinking about physical strength, rowing strength is a better indicator, and overhead squat strength better than that. RDL strength and snatch grip DL strength are also indicators.

Your shoulders or triceps might be the weak link too, given that you say that presses have always been a challenge for you. But the shoulders should not be taking the majority of the emphasis on any of those movements. The back is what gives supports strength, which is why I mentioned it in my first post. I’d suggest working on both really, not suggesting you are wrong necessarily. Just another angle to work on.

Squat strength is not the sole determinant of snatch or jerk strength either. Your legs are plenty strong if you’re hitting the squats deep. One of the things that makes me believe your back is weak is precisely that your squat is so big in comparison to your olympic lifts. That can either be due to technique problems or weaknesses in muscle groups.