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Clean-Grip Power Snatch?

I just did power snatches for the first time in a while and my shoulders kind of hurt every time I lowered the weight. I tried to lower it kind of controlled then catch it in a hang (I don’t have bumper plates).

Would it be okay to use a clean grip so I can just lower the bar into to the rack position every rep before lowering it?

I’m using this exercise at the beginning of my upper-back/trap day.

It is one of the greatest exercises in the world. Just bring the bar down to about an inch below the knees and snap the bar overhead. It works the traps harder than you think…be sure to remember that in a day or so after…

Watch your chin, you can really get that bar moving! A freind of mine had a hockey player that could do clean grip snatch and then overhead squat it. Talk about flexibility.

Thanks for the reply coach. I can’t wait to start doing these.