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Clean Grip Muscle Snatch


Ht CT, I remember a few months ago you discussed the clean grip muscle snatch or muscle clean and press, for lack of a better term. I recall you said it showed a lot of promise. So I was wondering if you have continued to experiment with it, and if so what results have you gotten, or if you dropped it because of your focus on the full Olympic movements?


Hi, not CT but...

i used the muscle snatch with a clean grip, got some great shoulder development from them; i used them in place of one of my snatch grip high pull days because the muscle snatch meant i had to drop the weight quite a bit witch was a nice break :slightly_smiling:

i plan on having a training phase built around the muscle snatch soon as i found it great for shoulder development as i said,


The clean-grip muscle snatch/continuous clean and press is a formidable overall muscle strenght, size and power builder. It is a great choice of exercise for someone wanting a big "shoulder pad" area as well as for those who lack the mobiliy to catch a power clean properly.


Thanks for taking time to respond. I've played around with them a little and find it hard to stop myself from dropping to catch the weight. One more question: Assuming one has the flexibility to properly catch the clean, which do you think is superior for strength, size, and power, the clean and press or the continuous clean and press?


The clean and push press should allow you to use more weight in which case it would be the superior exercise