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Clean Form


When I clean it is more like a power clean. I have trouble with dropping down to catch the bar. Does anybody have any suggestions on this? Thanks if you can help.


Why not just use power cleans? For recreational (as in, non-competitive) lifters, power cleans are an awesome exercise for the entire body from the waist up.

Full cleans, while they do incorporate more muscles, also bring a higher learning curve which may or may not be worth it. It depends a lot on how quickly you pick up the movement, how good your instructor is (if you even have one), and it also depends on your goals. Why are you cleaning in the first place?


powerclean is an awsome exercise from the waist DOWN. not up.
The bar end up across your shoulders by using ur legs/jumping. It's all in your legs.
U don't use your arms tou pull. Actually, there must be no conscious thought about the scoop or the shrug or it will f0ck up your lift most of the time.
a full clean is a missed powerclean.


You may want to read this article:



Practice medicine ball chest passes with a partner. Simple, but it will allow you to grease the groove.



If you want to get more familiar with full cleans, finish each rep of power cleans by riding the weight down to a full front squat. After more practice, as the weight gets heavier you will get more comfortable catching the bar lower.


Power cleans aren't awesome for developing and strengthening the spinal erectors, shoulder girdle/upper back, and traps? News to me. That's what I was talking about. I never said anywhere to "pull with the arms."

I'm not sure how a horizontal pushing motion (the chest pass) will help to develop a mostly vertical pulling motion (the power clean), other than working on explosiveness in a very general way.


CT has recomended full overhead squats to practice the form. Seems like it would be just the right thing to practice. In fact, most of CT's articles delve into just this topic.