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Clean Form


I've been a forum/article lurker, decided it's finally time to join the community.
I've just recently started getting into cleans and snatches, about two months ago. I'm glad I did: body weight has gone up, squat weight has gone up, as well as just getting these weird looks from dudes in the gym who don't clean or snatch... i've never seen anyone clean or snatch in my gym.

Anywho, I was wondering how my form looks for the clean, it's 102kilograms (225 pounds). Sorry for it being sideways, iphone has issues haha.

What can I correct?


It's a very decent clean for someone who is both self-coached and new to the lift. The fact that the clean almost pinned you is an indication of good technique given your strength levels. If you've only been cleaning for two months, your progress is excellent; you have an intuitive feel for the clean that eludes most casual trainers. At this point, you're better served continuing to clean without thinking much further about technique, and to continue to raise your strength in the front squat.


Hi Burrseph,

I don't really agree with delikurt in that you don't really need to work on technique, it takes a hell of a lot longer than 2-months to really get the right form on a clean.

Even after 6years of oly lifting I'm not that great at pointing out issues, however, the ones that I did are as follows:

1) You don't really get your hips through at the end of the second pull so you finish the movement at few inches short of where you should. This is massively reducing the power you're generating and making the pulls look very much one speed rather than a steady first pull and explosive second pull.

2) You don't move your feet out on the receive position. This stops you sitting between your legs which in turn stops you from keeping a tight arch in your back. The result is that you end up bending forward slightly to catch the bar. This will cause you to lose heavier heights that you can't muscle up. Often this can be caused by doing lots of power cleans, as it's easy to get into bad positions when receiving the bar.

Anyway just my 2cents.... I'm sure there's far better guys out there who can provide some more pointers...or even correct mine if they think I'm wrong!


Looks very good for 2months.

I'd start with slightly lower hips

The main issue is that your not finishing the bar as much as you can. Stand up on your tip toes and keep your head and chest up, THIS IS YOUR FINISH POSITION. Your hips don't really come in that much which is killing a lot of power.

But for 2months it looks very good. You naturally pull under pretty quick and your depth is really good.

Hammer the FS and that will help you recover from the Cleans.



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