Clean Form Help

I’m a american soccer player, and i would like to use the clean to help develop speed, strength, and power. In the past, i havent done olympic lifting, just stuck with deadlift, squat, ohp, bench, dips, etc for strength and speed work. I would go to an olympic lifting gym in my area, but the gym is too expensive for me at the time being. Also, my sport is soccer, olympic lifting will supplement to help my performance in soccer.

I found these videos by Glenn Pendlay that are tutorials to the Clean.

I was hoping you all could help me to make sure that I was doing everything correct, so i dont make any bad habbits. I am on the first step, which is correctly placing the barbell on your shoulders. Here are some photos of myself doing so. If you need a better angle, or anything else I will do so.

another picture, i tried to post this in the OP, but i did something wrong.