Clean Form Critique

Here are some C & J from 50-125kg.
The missed jerks are troubling, I’m in a slump with the jerk. Until a couple of weeks ago I never miss a jerk that I could clean.

To show that I have a fair amount of reserve strength here is a 222kg deadlift.

I think there’s way too much forward lean on your jerks. Your hips are nowhere near under the bar, especially on the lighter weights, although you do compensate by getting your head way past the bar to counter your centre of gravity.

I also think if your legs hadn’t been so stiff on the 120 and 125 then you could have sunk under the jerks a bit better and probably saved them.

Just my 2c :slight_smile:

On the flip side, your second pull is lovely. You get a really good pop at the hips and really generate some height on the bar.