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Clean Form Critique


This was my current pr. I hit 225 on my second attempt after failing right after this. What is wrong with my form and where can I improve?
Weight for the clean is 205
(my pr in beginning of july was around 135)


Looks pretty solid. I'd start with lower hips and keep your chest up more, as soon as you break off teh floor your chest dips because your hips come up slightly too fast and it's hard to recovery from this position.

Hip and Shoulder angle should stay pretty rock solid at least up until mid thigh.

You crumple under the bar on your receive. When you get under drive your elbows up high. This will help your upperback be stronger on the receive.

Good work and keep on posting videos!



I fired early on this lift (I knew since my I clipped something on the way up).
Thanks for the advice man! I've only been cleaning for about 2 months and I appreciate the advice.


Your elbows tend to brush your knees, which means that you can turn them over, and lift them higher, slightly faster. If you jam your elbows on your knees on a limit weight, you can get injured, and in competition a knee touch will red-light that lift. Other than that, the form and speed are excellent, especially for a beginner.


gj man, how much is that/



i hope to do that much by fall.
i can't offer any advice cause i'm a novice.

when you get a big lift like that up
....drop it down with some authority!!!!!!

let it thump. Thats why this is so much fun!!!!

thanks for the video



This was 205lbs, and my current pr at the time of lifting it. I hit 225 on my 2nd attempt right after this (failed the first time because I have a problem catching and driving my elbows up yeah that hurt my wrist) and I have only been cleaning with weight since beginning of july/end of june before that was just technique with the bar. My goal is to get to 260 by october 1st and to improve my snatch now (cant even do 135!!!)