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Clean Form Critique, Olympic Pitcher

hey posting for critique on my form… im full of partial slow twitch muscles lol in fact im already starting TAQ by alex maroko to help with my power efficency…

my goal is 225 by end of august for reps, im currently at 200/205 for reps and max 215… annnd i want to dunk a baseball real bad… :wink:

ive been collecting trends for the past 2 years on my new training to throw 95 mph and most of it has been the correlation from vertical jump inches, power cleans/snatch ratio, with only 15 lb of lean muscle gained, and better numbers in 40 yd, broad, and shuttle sprint (5 cones 2 yards apart)

numbers 6ft 185lbs

weak FS at 275
BS 375
clean pull 285 (no straps 240) (my DL is 345 but i like clean pulls cause the added triple extension applies to my throwing ability)
snatch 165
BP/strict push press 245/115

you could put some shoes on, that really helps with form.

hey i just thought being barefoot was good im obviously wrong is there anyway just to boost the heel temporarily before oly shoes get here? yes im going to have more videos at different angles by tomorrow afternoon (AM session)

watched pyrros d and other 180 lbs and learned a lot thanks t nation