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Clean Form Check


Just need some feedback on my clean form before I start doing a squat clean and then progressing to a clean & jerk.

On attempts 1 and 2 I feel like I am doing them correctly. But on attempt 3 I tried to jump (leave my feet off the ground) and it felt a bit off to me.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks guys!


It wouldn't be a bad idea to post this in the Olympic Lifting forum too.


Yeah my OP got moved here when I tried to post a exact one here lol.

So the one thing I do notice is that my first pull is all screwed up. It looks more like a DL pull than a Clean pull. So I probably need to work on that so I can setup my 2nd pull.


Go heavier man and your weaknesses will become more apparent so you'll have a better idea of what to fix.

ATM I notice your shoulders are behind the bar in your start position (should be above/slightly over), you catch the bar on your toes when you should be catching on your heels and you currently look down instead of forward when lifting.


Thanks man for the input. I'll work on all those things and correct it when I do clean again. I'll push the weight (these definitely felt light) and post again. Thanks!


I can't really tell much from this angle, but it doesn't look like your moving your feet out at all. Remember when doing a clean or a snatch that the position your feet are in when pulling is slightly narrower than when you catch. The most basic cue for that is hip width on the pull and shoulder width when you catch the bar. emphasizing the "jump" of your feet isn't all that necessary, it's just a cue that is supposed to get yourself off of your heels and onto the balls of your feet in order to transfer explosive power, and to move your feet quickly into the rack position.

Your first pull isn't that bad. I would try and sit your hips back a little more to get your femur more parallel to the ground. It is pretty obvious that you're relying heavily on knee flexion to perform the movement. Don't worry about the much else right now. Take it in stages. Focus on finding your setup first, and standing up with the bar in the proper position, then you can worry about everything else. Form is progressive in practice, so practice perfectly!