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Clean Form Check



Dude, try starting with the bar over the base of your toes (this will make your hip sits lower). As you go up, try keeping the torso angle constant (but this can't really happen, you just need to try to). Relax your arms. If you do what I said, the bar will be naturally closing onto your body, unlike yours where it went almost straight up. Also remember to accelerate and explode in the 2nd pull.


thanks brother. this was three months back and now my hips are lower. However i do have a problem in keeping my torso angle constant and exploding in the second pull. i will work on it though


Sorry I meant to start "over the base of your toes" not "over your toes". I have edited my original post.

Do you have any recent vid BTW?


no actually. but i plan to clean tomorow morning i will post one for sure. currently i am working more on my snatch and squat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W7F1MBFsO4. i am trying to do olympic back squat. but my torso angle changes again. however my front squat is decent.


lots of stuff to make better.....keep ur back straight, it rounds before the bar even leaves the ground. find a good coach nothing beats a good coach watching most every lift.