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Clean Eating?


I've noticed alot of members here telling people to clean up their diet or eat cleaner. Does this just mean to eat better? I can't help but think there's something more to it, since I never notice anyone being told to eat better, always cleaner.


Eating clean means eating foods in a healthier more natural state. It means avoiding shitloads of preservatives and heavily sweetened overprocessed unpronounceable items. Grilled chicken instead of fried or multi grain bread instead of white. It means eating foods with as little additives as possible.


Here's an example of clean eating that is easy to do.

Oatmeal + Grow!

Meal Replacement

Green Veggies + Chicken

Meal Replacement

Chinese Style Tomato Egg


I personally hate the term "clean eating" because it doesn't have a true meaning. In other words, it means different things to different people. And, a lot of people get too carried away with trying to eat a "clean" diet.


Well, that makes sense. Thanks.


Even that I think we all have some common. Such as:

1) Minimizing processed food;

2) Be careful of animal fat intake;

3) Eat to maintain/improve health and fitness;

4) Minimize, if not eliminate, emotional eating;

And so on.

Geek boy


We are all just trying to get everyone to wash their foods better..Hate dirty food.

Now dirty women, well, thats a different story...



Search for Berardi articles. Read. Eat.

That's clean eating.


I couldn't agree more!

When I was first told to start eating clean I began to sprinkle my Big Macs 'n' Fries with an antibacterial solution.

I mean, what the hell did I know?


I personally don't like the term either. Then you get all kinds of people asking, "How clean is clean enough?" and "Is it OK to eat this on a 'clean' diet?" If you have to ask, do you think it is? Do some thinking and research on your own!l

I would say the fundamentals of a great diet are the 5-8 small meals, lean protein/carb/fat with every meal, no added processed ingredients whenever possible, a few cheat meals here and there, perfect meal timing around your workouts, plenty of water, and the right supps. People pay a lot of attention to WHAT they eat, but seldom do they pay attention to WHEN they eat WHAT. You want great gains? Time your nutrients properly and you will see unreal results.


Alot of the regular posters have posted very sound advice on 'clean eating' for gaining

check out some of Nate Dogg's posts on eating & training, v sound advice, and the diet log- makes a huge difference