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Clean Eating?


If I'm on a bulking phase (race to 200) does it matter if I eat super clean? or if I am not prone to body fat gains can I eat anything high calorie as long as I keep an eye on my macronutrient % ? Like for example will drinking a soda or two at work thwart my efforts to build mass? if I eat fastfood a couple times a week will I get smaller? (I eat fastfood a couple times a week now and am not fat.) I used to run long distance for a long time growing up so I have a easy time staying pretty lean.

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Sorry vegita, i'll have to break it to you.

If you drink pop during a mass cycle your balls will shrink and your t levels will subsequently drop to nil. Then you will literally watch what muscle you have melt away..

If you eat fast food you will see your quads begin to sag down and end up in your ankles, except along the way they will turn into fat.


Really? Soda affects T levels? well Looks like it's out with the pepsi, in with the water. Thanks.


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Eat clean or don't eat.

Think about it. Do you want to build tissue by using crap as building blocks? You want to build high quality mass. Not to mention there's less chance you'll get fat.


I can't help you with the pop discussion. What I can tell you is that when I eat junk I have trouble eating for a while afterwords. If you eat clean you don't get bogged down with junk. If you're not full, 3 hours later you can eat again. This way can eat every 3 hours like you need to when bulking.


Jesus Christ vegita, he was kidding. Drink a fuckin Pepsi or whatever you want. And it won't "thwart" your efforts, it will help them by providing extra calories. I tend to drink diet because of the 0 calorie factor, but I'm going to start drinking regular when I'm starting to eat tons of food.


Holy shit, T levels drop after pop? that's some funny shit. I can't believe you Vegita, you fell for that?

I personally think Diet Pop tastes better than regular pop. Eat and grow my friend.

Just make sure you drop a scoop or two of protein in that can of pop.



Regular sodas are usually sweetened with glucose nowadays. You might think that they are needed extra calories but they can cause insulin spikes and hypoglycemia. This means extra fat storage and muscle catabolism.

I would switch to diet versions or pass altogether.


(puts his head down and sighs) what a dumb fuck I am. Ok pepsi your back in brother!


Calories are calories. (Don't hit me, John Berardi!) What I mean is, if you're trying to hit 4000 kcal / day or whatever, those greasy fries will get you to 4000 faster.

But 4000 clean kcal will help you gain muscle with less fat built on than 4000 nasty kcal.


Vegita just after I posted I realized I forgot to leave out the smileyface type comment so you would know for sure it was all BS.

My statement was going to be "and finally, if you keep eating that way you will develop a wicked slice and be lucky to shoot under 100 again".


I probably still wouldn't have gotten it. (raps his knuckles against the side of his head a few times) I can be pretty thick at times.


I sadly (well its not so bad) work at Mc Donalds. I am a student so the night shift fits in to my schedual pretty well (they pay extra for nights) and as a night worker I get free food. Literally as much as I want. I dont work often but I try and take full advantage of this awsome deal. Unfourtunately most of the stuff at Mc D's is loaded with trans fat. They have these Mc Grills which are chicken breasts cooked right on the grill (only chicken not deep fried) so I try and load up on those. Oh and the chicken ceasar isnt that bad. And a triple quarter pounder isnt that bad either :slight_smile:

Just be smart, at Mc D's you can get whole wheat buns, you can ask for BBQ sause instead of mayo and ask for your fries without salt (they LOAD them up like you wouldnt beleive) and if you ask for no salt on your fries you guaranteed to get fresh ones.

Clean eating comes with smart eating. Pull out the dietary charts and do your best!



Drinking sodas and fast food will not harm your efforts in gaining mass but it also won't help them. Not to mention that all that sugar and trans fats are very unhealthy. Eat clean food and you will be better off. And a "calorie is not a calorie". Read Berardi's article on it.


Beradi's article on "why a calorie is not a calorie" is Lean eating parts 1&II in issues 209&210. Forgot to mention that.


I'm with my boy JasonL on this one. Sure when gaining mass, eating anything and everything in site will help you attain your goals. But which is "healthier" and will help you put on some QUALITY mass and not just mass in general (ie....fat)....a Supersized order of french fries or 1.5 cups of oatmeal with a scoop of Grow??? I will take the latter over the former any day of the week my friend! I'm in the Race too, but I am making it a point to use clean foods....just eating more of them than usual. Catch my drift?? I'm just not a big fan of putting crap into my body. Although I will admit, that I need to add in a few indulgence foods from time to time.


I'll have to admit too, TonyG. I have to indulge from time to time to keep myself sane. Damn, I love my cheat meals.


Drink a Coke after your workout. You get lots of sugar when you need it.


Wait a minute... I've been dropping all this cash on Surge, and you're telling me I could have just thrown 75 cents in a vending machine and downed a Coke post workout? Err, but one one problem with that. Last time I checked, the vast majority of sodas were sweeted with high fructose corn syrup, ya know, that stuff that does nothing to replenish muscle glycogen, and will most likely be deposited directly in your love handles.

I mean, do what ever you want, but I can't think of many things that are worse for you than regular soda. Many aspects of the weight training game require will power, and pretty low on that list is drinking diet soda instead of regular. I guess it's all about priorities.