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Clean Eating


Long story short, i've taken a look at the slow carb diet and the t dawg diet, and i'm not sure which id be geared towards. I'm training for bootcamp, need to cut another 10-13 lbs (started at 260 now at 204-6 depending on the day). My personal trainer suggests clean eating, which is extremely vague and i'm kind of lost. Im not sure if I should be eating for size, losing weight, or somewhere in the middle. I work out every other day (if needed I can put specifics) and when im not doing that im doing some form of cardio to burn calories. I'm at a plateau and need some help. Thanks in advance

EDIT: Saw the V-Diet...looks extremely interesting, not sure how much all of the supplements would cost though...


It would be smart to ask a specific questions or present a specific problem. This seems more like a collection of thoughts.

There is a ton of helpful information already here, so search first and read.


I think he wants to know what eat clean means?? Im lost too actually.

Eating clean: make sure you have her STD results before going down......

oh wait! He means food. (Although one could go on an all vag diet but is there enough protein to support muscle?)

Eating clean: just wash your food before you eat it. Like say you got a Western Bacon Cheeseburger and fries, just soak it in water for like 2 mins and enjoy!


Understood - Well, which is there a diet which is geared toward weight loss and muscle gain that doesnt include massive supplement intake? Money is kind of tight on my end and I dont know if I can afford all that is necessary. While I searched through the nutrition forum last night I couldn't find any list of specific foods geared toward "clean eating".

The diet I have currently been on (I obtained it from the recruiter)is calorie restriction, and i've lost most of my weight on it. I switched up to atkins when I hit a plateau last time but I feel that I've lost most of the weight I can with it and I just need to grind the last of the stubborn stomach and thigh fat off.

Basically, besides these questions, this post is an information inquiry to people who have had similar problems, and what they used to get by them. I have no problem working hard, I work out avidly (not a T-Nation body builder yet :p) and have no problem fighting for what I need. I hope this is more specific



Can you identify it as something that ran, jumped, swam, ate, breathed, or would have if it grew up (i.e. eggs?)
Can you identify it as a vegetable, nut, or fruit?
How many steps between when this was taken out of the ground and when it hit your plate?
Does it contain transfats, HFCS (or other sugars), or things that clearly do not originate in nature?

Not perfect, but a good general guideline. Focus on real food.


^^ good way of putting it or as I have always been told:
Lean Meats - Veggies - some Fruit - little Starch - Seeds and Nuts - No sugar - No Grains (no processed foods.)

It sounds like we are starting to see some light in your situation. What recruiter? What weight are you at now? what is your goal? How were you eating before? whats your sleep like? do you drink alcohol or do drugs? Which kinds and how often? Are you on any supplements now? What areas are you most unsatisfied with?
Look in to the "Paleo Diet"


There is a thread on figure athlete that has a list of "clean" foods. It wouldn't have come up in your search of this site, but it is on T-Nation's sister site.



To me eating clean is 'If you can't grow it or kill, don't eat it'


Stick with veggies, meats, fish, nuts and seeds. That's all I use.


There's an old article here called "green faces" diet etc. that's worth reading.

OP, honestly, before switching to clean ensure you have your macros and calories in place.

I'm pretty sure topics like clean and dirty bulking and a calorie is a calorie has been discussed many times. They are all a great read.


+1 Quinoa? :stuck_out_tongue:


You sir are correct. Thanks for pointing that out.


Lies!! You specifically told me Friday night was Domino's XL cheese crust, meat lover's pizza night and monday was Wendy's drive through...



Chris has a lot of great ideas for "clean" meals.


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Perhaps there isn't a list of clean foods because anything can be abused in excess.

All diets work, for a time, but then you need to change things up. The guy who cut carbs lost weight, the guy who went vegetarian also lost weight. Where are they now?

Supplements are cheaper than you think. Whole foods are better but find a way to bulk buy, prepare and eat regularly.

I've done a whole plethora of diets varying foods from all natural, to no meat, to eating in specific times, to low GI, to calorie restriction, to no grains etc etc.

What you need to do is focus on identifying what your goal is, what calories and macros you need to get to that level, what foods you want to eat to get there, is there a cleaner alternative, is cleaner cheaper (sometimes yes, sometimes no), what nutrients will you miss out on by not eating a certain food etc.

The thing is no one's really written a book or article about it because for most people it's a collection of experiences and evolving our current diets towards our goal.


Ha don't think so. I haven't touched food like that in 4+ years.


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Thanks for all of the replies, makes for a dense amount information on clean eating and for that you have my gratitude. I've been in florida for the past 8 days, and I would of replied sooner.

Xanderbuilt - With your experience with dieting, what turned out best for you in terms of muscle gain, fat loss, appetite satisfaction and the amount of time it took to get results?

My Goals:
Muscle gains that are more then just the stereotypical "gym muscles". I need explosiveness, endurance and strength for going to bootcamp so I can excel.

There's obviously the desire to have a good looking body.

I want to develop habits that will not only help me lose weight now, but a healthier lifestyle in general.


I work out every other day to provide my body ample time to recover, as I went from being extremely out of shape to leading somewhat of a healthy lifestyle. I feel like the longer I've come its becoming more of an excuse to be lazy (which I am trying to avoid) so I think it is time to start pushing myself. I do 30-45 minutes of cardio (going from 5-7-9 mph on the treadmill) before I work out, then do body weight exercises (pushups, bicycle crunches, squats, jumpsquats and lunges) as well as certain dumbell exercises (using hex dumbells in pushup position and doing rows, curls). I think I should be running, doing sit up and push ups on my off days. just need to nut up or shut up

I've been using some diet I got from my recruiter that has me on a strict three day diet (originally developed by an alabama medical center for quick weightloss for heavy patients needing to lose weight). I believe ive made it to the point in which I won't have further progress unless I change my ways. I'm deciding between the v diet and just implementing clean eating and working out more often. I think the v-diet will be more extreme and challenge me more, but I'm not sure if I am ready for it.

Bootcamp will be in August or September, and that leaves me with ample time do get myself where I need to be. But my time is now, and this is the reason that I am seeking counsel on such matters from the people that know them best

EDIT: Hips - will take a look at the paleo diet. I haven't weighed myself this week, dont have a scale at our time share in florida. I don't do drugs, and I only drink on the weekends if anything. i can get a full eight hours of sleep but i'm trying to teach myself how to operate on sleep deprivation (less then 6 hours, for bootcamp). I dont eat shitty food, but i'm definitely not eating the best I can.