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Clean Eating Survival Foods

Curious what those foods/snacks/tricks are people rely on to help them stay clean and interested in their diet. It could types of spices, dressings, cheeses, waters, anything.

I’ve been in an epic war with anything sweet since childhood so

Propel Water
Powerade Water
Sugar free Jello

Tend to be my saviors on that front.

Recently on the get shredded diet (thanks JB for that, I went from 15% bf to 7.5%) I found that instead of Jenny-0 turkey bacon and the havarti cheese I could also use

Lean Ham (more protein same calories)

Turkey Pepperoni (I love this stuff, greater mass of food, same calories, more protein)

Fat Free kraft cheeses (the sharp cheddar and swiss are my favorites, less calories, more protein than Havarti)

To help my salads along I got into sprinkling 1/4 a ranch dressing mix package over my salad and just not mixing it with the oil and mayonnaise and whatever other crap it called for.

Taco and Fajita Seasoning have also been great. I put it on my albacore tuna and melt some of that fat free kraft cheddar over it. Good stuff.

At night that sugar free jello helps to sate the snacking cravings. Only 10 calories, no carbs, no fat.

What does everyone else use as their crutches for staying clean? Any reasons that sugar free jello and fat free kraft cheeses shouldn’t be used (just curious)?



natural peanut butter on celery or on banana

Tomato’s with a sprinkle of salt
Tomato’s with fresh mozzarella and basel on top with extra virgin olive oil (great snack)

frozen blueberries in natural yogurt with a couple of drops of vanilla extract

pickles…sounds weird, I know, but it cools a sweet tooth craving for me…hey, every palate is different.

triple decker hot fudge brownie sunday with extra fudge and whipped cream…on second thought scatch this one.

Penzeys Spices (www.penzeys.com)

They have an amazing variety of spice and herb blends without a lot of the usual filler crap in the grocery store packages. It can really make a difference when you’re on your 5th grilled chicken breast in a row if each one has been seasoned differently. Also since they’re in a jar instead of a package, you have better control of how much you’re adding.