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Clean Drug Assisted Bulk?

Hey hey, first post here. I originally posted this on the Meso-Rx Nutrition forum, but didn’t really get much information there, so I figured I’d try here. I’ve been lurking here for a while and know that quite a few of you know your shit very well…

Feel free to tell me to f**k off and read the stickies, if they contain the information that would best answer my question. After a quick search around, I couldn’t find what I wanted exactly.

I’ve done some cycles before, but would do a cutting phase after a huge roid bulk. So I never ate very clean while on.

This time around, I want to clean bulk with drugs and am wondering how you more knowledgeable people would suggest going about it.

I believe that to gain realistic amounts of muscle with minimal fat, that you should eat very clean, 500 calorie excess (with fine tuning from there) - in order to gain around .5 to 1 pound of weight per week.

Would that be the same for drug assistance as well?

My stats:

Height: 6’0
Weight: 198lbs
Fat: 12% approx

BMR (x1.5 for moderate activity): 3052
+500 calorie excess: 3552
Macros: C 416, P 298, F 70 (%53,38,9)

Weeks 1-2 Frontload Test E 1200mg/week
Weeks 3-8 Test E - 750mg/week
Weeks 8-10 DBol - 350mg/week

PCT: (loosely based on Anthony Roberts’ article on Meso-Rx)
Weeks 11-12 HCG 500IU EOD (depending on availability)
Weeks 11-12 1000IU/day Vitamin E
Weeks 11 onwards 20mg/day Nolva (again, availability depending)

Your HCG and Nolvadex use says ‘based on availability’ if you cannot quire these will your PCT just consist of vitamin E? Make sure you have your PCT before you begin your cycle. Very important!
Good luck