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Clean Diet??

Where can I find information on what a clean diet consists of?

Sorry guys, I typed before I searched. I found a few articals on diet and clean diets. Now I just want some opinons please. I have a protein shake and oatmeal in the morning. Chicken breast with about two cups of corn and green bean mix for lunch. Then about midday before I go to the gym I have another protein shake then for dinner I usually have a chicken breast with a potatoe and then about 1hr before bed I have another protien shake. What do you guys think. My protein is by sci fit and is the mass protien. Now I just need to cut out all the other bad stuff.

I suggest looking through Dr. John Berardi’s articles.

I would say you need to eat more in the morning. That’s the time when you want to eat a large portion of your calories for the day. I would also add in some fruit throughout the day, its the summer and might as well take advantage of the produce.

I would switch up your protein as well. I looked it up and I don’t agree with these two ingredients: Whey Protein concentrate, Fructose

You want something with Whey Isolate in it and I just don’t like fructose. I would suggest something like Metabolic Drive or I use Elite Whey.

If you are looking for a weight gaining shake I would mix the following a blender:

1 packet Banana Bread Weight Control Oatmeal by Quaker
1 Banana
1-2 scoops vanilla protein
Cinnamon to taste
12oz Milk

Thanks for the advice Crew.