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Clean Date Meals


Alright guys and girls, I need some advice on good and somewhat easy recipes for a nice kind of informal date. My cooking skills aren't legendary by any means, but I do cook all my own food.

I'm hoping for something fairly clean, so we'll be getting dirty later on. Anything that got you guys laid, or any ideas really would be greatly appreciated.




Check out John Berardi's book "Gourmet Nutrition" at http://www.gourmetnutrition.com/ -- It has everything -- what kitchen gear you need, grocery lists, detailed preparation instructions. There's a downloadable sample at http://www.gourmetnutrition.com/sample.pdf with a couple of recipes you could use.


Some sort of fish- smoked salmon
something to get the fishy smell off your breath
green veggies (grill up some asparagus in foil with a little bit of garlic and olive oil)

and make a fruit salad for dessert- blueberries, strawberries, banana (that's my fav, with a little bit of vanilla ice cream)

For me I used a storebought, pre-packaged smoked salmon (smokey pepper- it was amazing), a slice of french bread with a piece of cheese on it (i forget what kind of cheese), and the asparagus as mentioned, followed by the fruit salad + ice cream dessert and bam!- i got as lucky as a mormon can before marriage.

Also, I second the gourmet nutrition for other ideas.


Pick up something at a restaurant. Pan fry some onions & garlic so when your date gets to your place she thinks you cooked the meal. Good luck bro!


Chicken Tetrazini

8 oz boneless skinless chicken cut in strips
3 scallions chopped (green onions)
4 oz butter or olive oil (use 1 oz butter + 3 oz olive oil)
1 pinch each of the following
garlic powder, use fresh/minced garlic
black pepper
Blend chicken strips, butter/oils and spices. Saute in pan for 5 minutes on high heat. Spices can be according to taste (use more garlic for sure)
After flipping over chicken strips, add scallions and continue to saute until mixture is cooked.
Serve over bed of fettuccine or pasta of your choice
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

I don't have the breakdown on it, but basically use more olive oil than butter (or no butter at all)
It's an easy meal that is impressive because you will cook it right in front of her while she has dipping bread. Replace the fettuccine with whole grain and you have a pretty healthy recipe.


Try a salad with smoked trout or lox or cooked shrimp/crab, or shrimp ceviche as an appetizer. For the main course, consider fish as it has already been suggested. Chicken would work too if it hasn't driven you insane already. Steak would frankly be more than healthy assuming your chick likes it and you're not 2 weeks away from a show.

Easy on the sides though. Obviously no mac-n-cheese! Maybe some grilled veggies or mushrooms? As for dessert, I normally make the chick bake me cookies or something. Not very healthy, but fun, tasty and interactive! If you want a tasty edible dessert that's yummy too, good luck finding anything clean!

If you are willing to spend the $ to go out and have the courage to consume raw fish, consider a sushi place, which chicks tend to dig. She'll probably just order rolls, but you'll need to stick to the raw sashimi for the meal to stay clean.


Well, I don't know what women think on that, but if somehow on a first date (if that's what this is) the woman wound up ordering and eating raw fish, unlike Arnold, I'd be saying "I won't be back."


I have helpings of beaver right before I bed to make me sleep easier :wink: Screw cottage cheese and peanut butter.


Grill up some ribeye's (If you put a spicy rub on it, a Pinot Noir form Oregon will go well.IMO)

Bake some sweet potatoes

and serve with steamed spinach & snap peas or something.

NO onion, broccoli, garlic, or fish (all will give bad breath and when she is panting in your face later do you really want to spell that?)

Or just look at SteelyD's food pron thread...


no, screw beaver.


Don't cook anything that makes you gassy. For me that would be broccoli, garlic, beans obviously, etc.

Something that's easy to digest.


Hey dude, girls love a bit of beef - so invest in some decent fillet (preferably Scots). Takes only a few minutes to prepare. Serve with some seasoned veg. Throw in a large fried tomato, mushroom, or even egg, and she will think you're once juiced-up, testesterone-fuelled Gordon F***ing Ramsay.


^ this guy is a genius. Try cutting zucchini and squash in 1/2 lengthwise and marinade it in some Italian dressing then grill it. Very very good stuff


how about bulls testicles with red wine and mushrooms very yummmmy




umm... for 250g beef cut into "mini steaks" of what ever size then put in a bowl for marinading. then add 3 tb spoons lite soy sauce,bit of thyme and ground up ginger,sweet chilli sauce and a beef oxo cube and mix thorougly in the bowl with hands, then leave for a miniumum of 1 hour in the fridge and put on the grill for exactly 15mins and 7.5 mins each side then serve :slight_smile: n thats a source of protein and for carbs just use ramen noodles or rice


your piss isn't the only thing that becomes nasty after consuming asparagus. rancid mansauce is a sure-fire way to never jizz near that girl's face again. asparagus is one of my favorite veggies, but i try to avoid it if i'm even in the same state as my gf.


I know it's only been a couple of days but...

Did you seal the deal or what?


"Honey, the steak is fantastic but the onions and garlic are terrible!"