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Clean Critique!


Tear me a new one guys! I'm 72kg and this is 61kg. I've been working on the clean for 5months as part of SS and will probably transition to Pendlay's o-lifting for beginners.



are those weightlifting shoes? get some if not.

you are basically not really doing the pull properly. You reach a certain height then you just pull the bar up with your arms and kind of awkwardly try to get under. Keep your arms loose and the bar closer to your thigh and fire up with your legs and hips. You must get that feel of explosion where the bar flies up to your chest instead of you pulling it up with your arms. The pendlay videos are a pretty good way to learn that so go ahead and do them like you said!


Though your shoes might not be the right kind... That head band is bad ass. keep up the good work.
Work on locking into the bar better before you lift. Abs tight. Shoulder blands pulled down and back. Make sure there is no slack in your arms or legs. Then when you begin, push down with your legs dont pick the bar up. You can see how your hips were coming up before your shoulders. They should move together. Then as lordstorm said, really get aggressive at the top, dont pull the bar up with your arms, push the ground down with your legs. This will help keep your center of gravity and the bar's moving at the same speed and allow you to take the clean more efficiently and not have to drop under it. Keep up the good work. keep us posted.


Thanks for the replies. Actually those are the 2011 pendlay's! Also, once a card carrying hippy, always a card carrying hippy.

I like your cues wolfpack about just driving the legs, i'll have to practice the jump point because i'm a little unclear of how it should feel. i can only really picture this way, in which violently straightening my legs moves the bar, or swinging hip hips which does nothing for me (as of now).

I think that I'm probably using momentum from the first lift to help me get the bar up, but i don't feel the motion in my arms.

i've been doing to rock-n-roll drill and dirty dancing drill my coach mccauley, will that put me on the right track?

I can definitly keep working on my technique but if this is a total teardown i'm a little lost on how to proceed. what do you think?


From my own experience with it, I highly recommend Pendlay's beginner program as outlined on his site.

I did a program based off this for about 12 weeks and made great progress. Set a bunch of PRs but moreso became a lot more consistent in my snatch technique. I used to miss all the time, I still miss, but its a lot better now.


dont gotta tear it down, just daily drills. starte with a couple of light hang cleans from above the knee, once that is comfortable... not swinging, move below the knee, do a couple hang cleans from below the knee. then take the bar all the way down to the ground. Do a couple pulls from the ground to knee height and back down again... then do a full power clean. use light weight and do this a couple times to warm up/practice tech before moving into your working sets. Also you can practice your cleans with light weight everyday, 40k, no need to start from scratch with a broomstick